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About Over the Hump

The popular Over The Hump Series™ (OTH™) was started in 2009, and has quickly become one of the most popular cross country mountain bike racing series in the country, drawing 425- 600 racers weekly.  OTH is designed to be a fun, relaxed event for everyone. Race courses are designed to challenge all levels of riders, and give participants a great place to experience the fun and excitement of mountain bike racing.  It’s become a model for how to make mountain bike racing fun again. 

Over The Hump Series was founded by Matt Wenger and John Russell, who bring over 35 years of successful event promotion.  They look at events a little differently.  Rather than just a race, they like to create an experience that brings people together, and fosters Enthusiast Racing.  Over The Hump Series is all about what Mountain Biking is all about… friends, challenge, fitness, memories and FUN. 


For the first time, Over The Hump Mountain Bike Race Series™ is offering limited license agreements to expand the brand to new cities.  Licensees will have access to all of the know-how, event tools, merchandise, sponsors, marketing material, creative, advertising and branding to make their event a success.   OTH™ is looking to create a national footprint of successful mid-week racing events.  By sharing their brand and secret sauce they believe mountain bike racing will explode everywhere the way is has in California.

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